Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Rug ID Flashcards PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ruth Travis   
The Rug Lady Seminars Rug ID flashcard subscription series is a great way to improve your rug Identification skills.  The cards show rug information on one side and photos on the opposite side to help learn not only the appearance of a rug, but also it’s description. These flashcards can be used in a question and answer format when learning rug ID or just as a resource for you and your employees.
A new set of 10 cards will be introduced each month. Each card is 5.5" x 8.5" and laminated for lasting usage.
$59.95 per set of 10 cards includes shipping and handling.
This is an ideal reference tool for your rug business. 
Set #1 
1. Face-to-face Wilton
2. Kashmir Chainstitch
3. Chinese Hand-tufted
4. Persian Nain
5. Persian Heriz
6. Persian Hamadan
7. Indian Dhurrie
8. 1950-60s Persian Kerman
9. Persian Afshar
10. Pakistani Bokhara
WoolSafe® On-Line Course Now Available PDF Print E-mail

From WoolSafe North America and hosted by Rug Lady Seminars. This is the definitive course for for cleaning wool carpets. Very thorough from the history of wool and wool fabrics; identification; problem solving and cleaning, to everything you need to know about WoolSafe. It is the WoolSafe Fiber Care Specialist course.

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If you wish to become a WoolSafe Provider, download the
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"WoolSafe has been an incredible asset to our new and growing rug care division.  $6,800.00 in sales last month alone as a direct result of WoolSafe referrals."

Dekek Powell of Rug Masters in Gillette, WY

"Hi Ruth! I just completed the WoolSafe Fiber Care Specialist course this week and wanted to reach out to you and say Thanks!!  It was great continued education and I'm stoked to have WoolSafe as part of our program at my new facility in Arizona.”

Scott Gwilliam of Rug Worx in Mesa, AZ