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”WoolSafe has been an incredible asset to our new and growing rug care division. $6,800.00 in sales last month alone as a direct result of WoolSafe referrals.“

Dekek Powell, Rug Masters, Gillette, WY

”Hi Ruth! I just completed the WoolSafe Fiber Care Specialist course this week and wanted to reach out to you and say Thanks!! It was great continued education and I'm stoked to have WoolSafe as part of our program at my new facility in Arizona.”

Scott Gwilliam, Rug Worx, Mesa, AZ

"I just wanted to let you let you know how valuable being a Woolsafe Service Provider is to our company. The first referral my company got from Woolsafe was a $7200.00 job. It also gives our company prominence in our community and the cleaning industry. I truly suggest all textile cleaning specialist invest in their education with Woolsafe. I am truly happy that I did."

Jan M. Sandler, JMS Enterprises, Hatboro, PA

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How to Care for Your Area Rugs

Padding - A quality pad used under your rug helps protect it from damage, wear and slippage. Every rug needs one. For a flat weave, use rubber waffle pad and for a thick hand knotted or tufted, use rubber backed synthetic felt.  Always replace the pad if the rug has had pet contamination. 

Vacuuming - Like most carpeting, rugs should be vacuumed at least weekly to remove dry soil, lint, and hair. If in an entryway, vacuum more often. Be cautious not to vacuum the fringe with your brush bar!

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Ruth Travis, Director, WoolSafe Norther America from Connections 2012 talks about the growth of Connections. Travis discusses WoolSafe, a progam that involves approving products and methods for safely cleaning and maintaining wool carpets and rugs.

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The indication of a great meal may be an empty plate, but unfortunately, the true sign  of a joyful holiday gathering is often gravy dotting one’s dining room rug or carpet, or cranberry juice dribbled on a chair (sigh).  But just enjoy your festivities worry-free, because we’ve got the solution to getting your fine furnishings clean again  Remember, the longer spots or spills sit on a fabric, the more difficult they may be to remove, so act quickly. Here are a few tips for removing some common

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Let’s face it, life is messy. And it’s surprising how fast a neat and tidy home can get dirty, especially with kids, pets, a busy social life, and trees dropping “who knows what” all over. Generally speaking, a “dirty” environment where dust, soil, microbes, mold, pollen and potential pathogens thrive does not promote good health. Two things you can do to create a healthier indoor environment are: having a regular cleaning routine and hiring a certified professional company like Chase Carpet

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Your carpet is a significant investment, both in monetary terms and overall home image. It is important to implement a good maintenance program from the beginning. A consistent and effective carpet care program can help preserve your home’s or office’s positive image and dramatically extend the life of the carpet.

There are many important reasons we clean and maintain any object, including carpet. The incentive for an effective cleaning and maintenance program is magnified when we recognize

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Vacuuming is a “chore” for most consumers. We know that there are probably a thousand other things you would rather be doing. Because of this, most don’t vacuum nearly as often or as well as they should.  That’s why the first step in our carpet or rug cleaning process is vacuuming with heavy duty commercial equipment and dusting of rugs.

Vacuuming is more than just getting the carpet or rugs cleaned for appearance sake. Vacuuming is an essential part of maintaining your carpet and rugs as well

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Walk All Over That Rug - It’s important to understand that even though a handmade rug is valuable, it’s made to be used.  Don’t keep it covered in plastic like Aunt Edna’s sitting room sofa. With usage, most hand-made rugs gain a certain patina that enhances their beauty and value. If you’re not going to enjoy it, why have it?

Vacuuming Is Good - You should vacuum or sweep your area rug as you would wall-to-wall carpeting. Watch the fringes. You don’t want to have to pull them out of the

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Many of you are replacing your carpet with hard surface flooring and area rugs. Area rugs offer the most variety in floor coverings. But before you buy, you need to know just a couple more things about them - other than that they can define a space and elevate your décor. Whether you choose handmade or machine made, antique or thoroughly modern, you need to consider these questions:

Size And Shape? Area rugs are made in standard and non-standard sizes and they can be rectangular (most common),

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Why is the indoor environment important to our health? Most people are aware that outdoor air pollution can damage their health but may not know that indoor air pollution can also have significant effects. EPA studies of human exposure to air pollutants indicate that indoor air levels of many pollutants may be 2-5 times, and occasionally, more than 100 times higher than outdoor levels. These levels of indoor air pollutants are of particular concern because it is estimated that most people spend

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Often times new rugs from the dealer or rugs that have been rolled or folded for storage may not return to their original intended shape when first laid (even over a pad).  Many larger rugs have been barrel rolled - a method of folding and rolling to make them more compact for easier handling and delivery. 

These folds are caused by the foundation yarns being stretched while folded or rolled.  Although most will release over time, there are ways to accelerate this process. And wrinkles in an

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Works of Art Inspired By Tradition, Excellence & Creativity

Iranian (Persian) weavers have been creating exquisite rugs for centuries.
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