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Clean for Health . . . Not Just For Appearance

Let’s face it . . . life is messy. And it’s surprising how fast a neat and tidy home can get dirty, especially with kids, pets, a busy social life, and trees dropping “who knows what” all over. Generally speaking, a “dirty” environment where dust, soil, microbes, mold, pollen and potential pathogens thrive does not promote good health. Two things you can do to create a healthier indoor environment are: having a regular cleaning routine and hiring a certified professional company like Chase Carpet and Rug Care for periodic deep cleaning of your furnishings and flooring.

Dusting furniture, blinds, window sills, and other hard surfaces, as well as sweeping, damp mopping, and, especially vacuuming with a high-filtration machine on a regular basis can remove a high percentage of dust and soil.

Using cleaning products that remove or kill harmful germs and sanitize areas like bathrooms, countertops, tables, hard surfaces where food is prepared or eaten can minimize the health dangers caused from contaminated surfaces and germs.

Although there is much homeowners can do to clean up and improve living conditions, periodic deep restorative cleaning is an important and highly beneficial supplement to the homeowner's cleaning routine.

Here are some areas where professional services will be particularly beneficial:

  • Carpet and Rug Cleaning - vacuuming removes a large percentage of dust and dry soil, but to remove deeply embedded and sticky dirt safely without damaging the carpet or rug, having carpet or rugs cleaned professionally is highly recommended.
  • Upholstery Cleaning - over time your favorite chair, sofa, or recliner builds up oils, sweat, dead skin cells, lost cookie crumbs, etc. on the headrests, armrests, cushions, and pillows. These are not always easy to clean, and the color and fabric could be damaged if the wrong cleaning products or techniques are used. You can trust us to know what cleaning chemicals and techniques will be safest and most effective.
  • Hard Surface Cleaning - ceramic tile or natural stone - these flooring materials are relatively easy to maintain and clean. However, soils tend to build up progressively and in cracks or grout lines. Sooner or later a professional cleaning service may be needed to deep clean, restore and seal these surfaces, especially troublesome grout. That’s the time to call a certified, professional

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